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Sensi smart thermostat

I-EMRSENSIP-01-WHIT-XXXX-V2 3.4 star rated
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  • Energy Star: Yes
  • Water Sense: No
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  • Media Feature Markdown: ### Before You Buy: Check if Your Equipment is Compatible ### What is a C-Wire? A C-wire (common wire) is required for most HVACs. A C-wire is a low voltage power wire that many modern thermostats require for their features to work. Many older homes don’t have a C-wire because mercury and battery-powered thermostats didn’t require one. Therefore, it is important that you make sure your HVAC system is compatible with Sensi's thermostat. For the Sensi Classic Thermostat, a C-wire is required for heat only systems, cool only systems and heat pump without auxiliary heat. Two AA batteries (included) provide backup power that can last for months. However, if you have a C-wire, it is recommended that you connect it. [**Check compatibility with your HVAC system**]({openNewTab}) before purchasing. You can also hire an HVAC contractor to help you install the C-wire and the thermostat. **This thermostat is not compatible with electric baseboard heating systems.**
  • Media Feature Disclaimer (JSON): { "icon": "install", "title": "Get Up and Running: How to Install", "description": "For more help installing:\n\n**[View Sensi Smart thermostat installation guide]({openNewTab})**\n\nCall Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat Customer Support at 1-888-605-7131" }
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  • PDP Info Banner: Need help installing this smart thermostat? After completing your purchase, schedule a free in-home energy assessment through the Elizabethtown Gas Quick Home Energy Checkup program and we’ll install your smart thermostat at no cost (two smart thermostats may be installed for eligible customers). [Click here to learn more]({openNewTab}).
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  • DLC Certified: No

Thermostats-specific Attributes

  • C-wire required: No
  • Features: Alerts and reminders Connects to Wi-Fi Location-based triggers Provides energy usage report Flexible scheduling Vacation mode

Thermostat Features

  • Brand: Sensi
  • Features: Alerts and reminders Connects to Wi-Fi Location-based triggers Provides energy usage report Flexible scheduling Vacation mode
  • C-wire required: No
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years
Model: ST55U
ENERGY STAR® has recognized Sensi thermostats as Partner of the Year for 2021 & 2020!¹ This award is the highest level of recognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for achievements in energy efficiency. Sensi has also been awarded the Reader’s Choice BEST SMART THERMOSTAT by PCMag.² With your Sensi smart thermostat, you can save about 23% of HVAC energy consumption with features like flexible scheduling, geofencing and remote access using your smartphone, tablet or PC. ¹ Sensi Honored as Energy Star Partner of the Year, [2021]({openNewTab}) & [2020]({openNewTab}) ² The Best Smart Thermostats for 2023, [PCMag]({openNewTab})   ### In the box * Sensi smart thermostat * Thermostat base * Mounting hardware * Quick-start guide * Wire labels * 2- AA batteries **Dimensions:** (L x H x D) 5.88 in. x 3.75 in. x 1 in.